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Sika Deer Hunting at Ransome's Retreat

Sika deer differ in looks from native white-tailed deer as they are much shorter in stature. Their coat tends to be reddish brown during summer months, and dark brown to black in color during winter. Even as adults they have white spots, mainly running parallel down their back. Stags generally have a dark, shaggy mane running down their neck, and their antlers are narrow and sweep backwards rather than forwards like the white-tail's antlers.

A 6-point stag is a trophy, with 8-pointers being extremely rare. Finally, unlike white-tailed deer that raise their tail like a flag when alarmed, sika deer have a round white rump patch that flares outward when they are excited or alarmed.

sika deer feeding
Sika Deer at Feeder

Sika deer are primarily nocturnal and inhabit marshy terrain, and thus hunting can be very challenging and sometimes difficult. Therefore, the sika rut that occurs in October is considered to produce the best chance to harvest an adult stag. During this time, males become very vocal by "bugling." These bugles usually consist of a series of three whistles, heard primarily during early morning and late afternoon. Stags during the rut define their breeding territories by making wallows, which is scraped out depressions in the earth that are urinated in and wallowed in, causing the stags to smell strongly of urine. The rut generally results in increased movements by stags during the day, which can increase the odds of seeing one during legal hunting hours.

Maryland's exotic sika deer is native to southern Japan, and first appeared on Maryland's lower Eastern Shore on James Island in 1916. Today, sika deer inhabit all of the lower Eastern Shore counties, with the highest density located in the marshes and wetlands of southern Dorchester County.

Our sika deer hunting property is available to you when you visit our Chesapeake Retreat. Roam the back marshes, which are prime sika deer habitat and at the same time enjoy the 2,000 feet of waterfront scenic views.

For more in depth information, visit our sika deer hunting site.

Call us at 1.888.726.7863 for your next sika deer hunting adventure in Chesapeake Bay Maryland.

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